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" would make a great choice for birthdays and celebrations, as well as a gluten free dessert for a random day of the week. It would be a good gift for the gluten free individual in your life and would be perfect for enjoyment through the holiday season."

"... the cake is buttery, moist, and contains the perfect, subtle, blending of flavors … vanilla, caramel, butter. Very rich tasting, but without being overly sweet … decadent, yet light and airy. Euforia’s cakes would make a wonderful addition to any special occasion (holiday, high-tea, birthday, wedding) dessert table."

"The triple-delight cake slices are moist, eggy, and never too sweet...The chocolate flavor is augmented by the heat, with a rich, semisweet cocoa powder note wafting from each bite. It is the best gluten-free cake I have had the pleasure to snarf."

"Made with all natural ingredients, euforia handmade gourmet cakes bring delicious to your door. With so many different cake options you can confidently serve your guests or give one of the delicate cakes as a gift"

"Euforia triple delight (gluten-free) cake was very light and good tasting!"

"Euforia Confections are entirely natural and handmade gourmet cakes. Quality ingredients and the time put into each cake shows through with each buttery bite. Triple Delight Cake is concocted of a vanilla layer on bottom, chocolate in the middle and another layer of vanilla on top. Between each layer is a light layer of caramel butter – which is to die for!"

"If you want a fancy-schmancy gluten free dessert to serve your guests – but don’t feel like measuring, mixing, baking, and cleaning – I highly recommend Euforia Confections’ delicious, delicate cakes.
These cakes will impress your guests with a sophisticated and “European” taste. They are moist, buttery and oh-so special!"

"The Euforia All Natural Triple Delight Cake, yummy! It’s a versatile dish, I like it a lot, add some whipped cream and strawberries and you have a beautifully prepared Gluten Free dessert!"

"This triple layer cake is a gluten-free melt in your mouth delight. Moist, buttery and rich – just a small slice of this cake is a perfect complement to a cup of tea or coffee, at a birthday celebration or as a dessert at a fancy dinner party, or even to share during a weekday meal with your family."

"WHY WE LOVE EUFORIA THOUSAND-LAYER CAKE? It is delicious, different, charming and a great gift."

"Euforia thousand-layer cakes were recently featured at the Fancy Food Show in Washington, DC where I sampled all the flavors and I must say, I love them!"

"I first tried this soft, spongy, flourless, all-natural cake at a trade show. The samples were enticing and intriguing. These cakes are made with thin delicate layers of cake, which are all individually baked and I find utterly amazing! The cakes themselves are beautiful to look at but, as I discovered, even more beautiful to eat. =)"

"I was fortunate to win a cake from you, and we LOVED it! We gobbled it down (a little too) quickly :)
I will definitely recommend Euforia!"

"I just love the triple layer cake. A gluten freer's dream come true! I hope you won't take this the wrong way, but cold, it tastes like a better version of Sara Lee's pound cake. Thing is, I LOVE Sara Lee pound cake but can't have it anymore because of the gluten. So, I am really paying quite a compliment. I am sending this order as a gift to my sister, who has celiac disease. I think she will be truly delighted! Thank you so much for this delicious cake!
Sally Geisel

"We like euforia flourless vanilla thousand-layer cake."

"The cake is awesome! Moist, sweet and flavorful. Id imagine itd be awesome served to guests with coffee and tea. I really liked peeling apart the layers and I loved that the products were all-natural."

"I have always said that gluten-free and luxury are synonymous and Euforia delivers just that a luxurious gluten-free experience. Their high quality confections are not only unique and delicious but they arrive beautifully packaged with such attention to detail that you know you are in for something wonderful from the moment you begin to unwrap it.

Each slice arrives individually packaged and from the moment you open a slice the wonderful aroma is the first thing you notice. The vanilla variety is infused with delicate notes of rich vanilla that make this cake simply delicious. The spice variety has a mix of exotic spices that are perfectly balanced and play perfectly against the subtle sweet cake base. You would think that a cake with so many layers would be dense and heavy but that is not the case. All of the cakes have the most light, airy, and spongy texture that is simply amazing.

Rarely do I come across gluten-free products that are true standouts and Euforias cakes are definitely among the select few. Not only are these luxurious cakes delicious but they are paired with organic Keemun tea or Civet coffee. Aside from the sample gift pack Cadeau you can order thousand layer rolls, whole cakes, and a selection of fine teas and coffees. Now the products are not cheap but quality rarely is. These are labor intensive artisanal cakes to make so paying a premium is well worth it."

"These cakes would be perfect for accompanying coffee or tea while you chat with a friend."

"With the first bite I was so glad to note that these cute little cakes werent sickly sweet! The flavors were subtle, but very delicious."

Gift Ideas for Food-Lovers
Euforia Thousand-Layer Cake
Light little sponge cakes in vanilla or spice make a great afternoon snack with tea or coffee. Bonus: There’s an equally tasty gluten-free version."

"These little cake squares are so good. They're light, moist, and not TOO sweet! They're perfect for when you want a little something sweet between meals or after dinner. I especially enjoyed having them with a cup of tea before bed. They're two or three bites big, so they're perfect size for a little treat.

Even better, euforia is made from simple all-natural ingredients: eggs, butter, sugar, flour, milk, vanilla, and spices. Both flavors are simply delicious. The Vanilla is anything but plain. The cake is sweet and moist, and the clean buttery vanilla flavor really shines through. The Spice has a great flavor, but the spice isnt overpowering. Its subtle and delicate, but you can definitely taste cinnamon and nutmeg. I especially liked that each slice comes individually wrapped, which allows it to stay fresh and moist until youre ready to eat it, which wasnt long at Casa Garcia. These little cakes are pretty addictive, so they only lasted us about three days!!"

"I carefully unwrapped a slice of the Spice cake and bit into what I can only describe as wow. It was very delicate and light, with just the right amount of sweetness. The spice flavor came through perfectly not heavy or overpowering.

I cant help but think of how much work must go into each and every thousand-layer cake. It makes me tired just imagining it! The good news is I dont have to worry about that, as Euforia will do all of the hard work for me. I just need to order.

With the holidays right around the corner, now is a great time to start compiling your list for gifts. I can pretty much guarantee that nobody else will be giving a gift as unique (and tasty) as yours! Euforia has plenty of delicacies to cover everyone on your list. I'll take one of each please!"

"These cakes are absolutely delicious. And the best part is they're made with the simplest ingredients: eggs, butter, sugar, flour, milk, spices, salt, vanilla. Thats it! Its just like something youd bake at home. They even have gluten-free varieties (flourless) in the same flavors as their regular cakes.

The spice cake was divine subtle flavors of nutmeg, cinnamon and brown sugar with a buttery texture that just blended together wonderfully.My husband and I have been enjoying them all week."

"Wow that little 1 oz. spice flavor cake sure does pack a punch! It had the perfect blend of spices in it and was super moist and delicious. The following day I had a few friends over for tea and I served them the vanilla flavor which tastes a little different than the spice flavor. This one definitely had more of vanilla taste to it and was just as moist and delicious as the first one.

I love that these are individually packaged. They can be kept at room temperature for up to 3 weeks, in the refrigerator for up to 2 months and frozen in the freezer for up to 4 months. I think that is fabulous because you can purchase them, freeze them and when guests just drop in you can quickly thaw and serve them. They are a wonderful treat!"

"Spice was my favorite - hands down! The cake was buttery and had just the right blend of spices to accentuate the cake and not overwhelm the palate. It was moist, flavorful - perfect for a snack or treat with a cup of coffee or tea.

What is not in the Euforia Thousand Layer cake is crap that ends in -ate which makes it an all natural treat as well! Choices for flavors are Spice and Vanilla with both being available as gluten-free."

"Baked in a classic vanilla and a darker spice version with hints of nutmeg and cinnamon, the cakes are individually packaged in a size ideal for a small snack to accompany coffee or tea. I've never managed get away with eating less than three packs of these buttery creations in one sitting."

"Euforia Thousand-Layer Spice Cakes are freakin' unbelievable. You get a little individually wrapped slice of cake made with eggs, butter, flour (or no flour for a gluten free version), milk, spice, and salt. These are a great little treat for your afternoon coffee break - and you can skip the 600 Calorie Cookie that lurks in your local cafe."

"While I'd love to say that the thousand layer cakes by Euforia could be more appetizing with a light dusting of cocoa-chipotle powder, a bacon and salsa verde infusion, or a slather of cream cheese and red wine frosting, the unadulterated truth is that they are phenomenal and perfect just the way they are. These are cakes that are beautiful on the inside. But unlike the fallacies your mother told you as a child, you zaftig beast, this is one hundred percent true and accurate.

The layers of the cakes meld into one smooth, textured bite, each mouthful buttery yet light, tasting of a pound cake with nicer ingredients. There's a subtle nutmeg, cinnamon, and brown sugar flavor, but no one spice came out ahead of the others and blended together wonderfully. The cakes are extremely moist, and the flavor is the most familiar taste you've never had. I say this because each bite is never alien in form, but somehow better than the snack cakes and commercial baked goods I certainly grew up with as a child. There's a delicacy to these that is clearly carefully crafted.

God, flavors like this just drive me bananas. Every time I think something I have is good enough, something better comes along. Knowing that these exist in the world, with their six ingredients and petite, soft forms, will forever drive me from the lands of snack cakes and zanily frosted cookies. With cakes like these, less is more, ingredient wise. The only time that doesn't apply will be when you're eating them by the boxful." (Score: 10)

"Today I received the cakes. OMG they are so cute, you guys rock cooking 1000 layers. Oh, and they taste divine. Love the spice one, nutmeg mmmmm. Thanks!!!"

"I received the flourless Spice flavored Thousand Layer Cake in My April Foodzie Tasting Box. I admit the spice flavor was a little intense for me at first taste, but it was moist & tasty for a flourless cake. The layers are so intricate, that you can actually pull them apart! That's how I enjoy mine, layer by layer ..."

"I've been enjoying euforia escalation of layers. Thousand, million, gazillion, whatever; more to love"

The layers are thin, but its BIG on flavor.
The cake tastes a bit like a rich, moist buttery pound cake, while the spices are gentle yet effective.
It is a delicate yet decadent treat!
Anne, Blogger 'Hungry in Portland'

Check this list of ingredients for the thousand-layer spice cake from Euforia Confections: eggs, butter, sugar, milk, spice, salt.
There isnt one ingredient that I havent used in my own kitchen before!
All food everywhere should be so simple.

This was absolutely decadent. The flavor profile was perfect! No one spice dominated and it all blended together so well. I love that it was flourless as well. Dense, moist and flavorful.
Perfect with tea or coffee and just enough to satisfy a dessert craving without sugar overload.
You can really taste the care that went into this cake. YUMMY!