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Simple Ingredients Meet Old-World Legacy

Posted by Kartika on 8/23/2011 to News

Simple Ingredients Meet Old-World Legacy

Delicate, moist, exotic, balanced, textured, pure, decadent, satisfying, authentic — each thin layer of euforia’s thousand-layer cakes promises all this and more. Combining simple ingredients with old-world legacy, these cakes are a unique treat you don’t want to miss!

gluten free cake euforiaeuforia Fast Facts

“all natural thousand-layer cake”

Founder: Kartika Castonguay

Selling Since: January 2011

Home Base: Tucson, AZ

euforia’s thousand-layer cakes are a Dutch-Indonesian delicacy created by Kartika Castonguay, who grew up eating them during her family’s traditional holidays in Jakarta. Kartika continues to bake them with her mother’s classic recipe of simple ingredients: eggs, butter, sugar, flour, milk, salt, and fragrant spices or vanilla. euforia cakes also come in a flourless version for people who are sensitive to gluten, featuring a softer texture that has made it a favorite among those with and without gluten intolerances.

Kartika started selling her thousand-layer cakes in memory of her late mother, whose cooking and baking skills were always held in high esteem among their family and friends. Kartika’s mother passed away in 2007, and founding a company centered on her traditional thousand-layer cakes became a way for Kartika to pay tribute to her example.

Kartika prepares the batter for these treats as though she was making a standard cake with dry and wet ingredients. She creates her own spice mix, which is combined with the other dry ingredients in the process. What’s unique about the thousand-layer cake is the tedious baking process. Kartika bakes the cake one thin layer at a time, making sure every layer is neither too thin or too thick.

“You have to monitor each layer every time you bake. You don’t want any layer to be over baked or burned — it won’t look good and certainly won’t taste good. I feel bad for the whole day if I have to start the baking all over again just because of one burned layer!” Kartika says.

euforia’s thousand-layer cakes are a decadent treat to enjoy with a glass of milk or your favorite tea, coffee, or wine. And with the flexibility of both the traditional and gluten-free versions, they’re sure to become a regular delight for us all!

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