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euforia™ Now Available in Tucson, AZ at Marco's Bakery

Posted by Kartika on 9/15/2011 to News
euforia Confections' thousand-layer cakes are now available for sampling and order at a local Tucson bakery.

Tucson, Sep 2011 - euforia™, a new line of artisanal thousand-layer cakes produced by Kartika's Kitchen, is now available for sampling, order, and pickup at Marco's Bakery, a Tucson company that sells a wide variety of custom cakes.

euforia™ cakes come in several different sizes and packages: individually wrapped slices, whole cakes both large and small, round (rolled) cakes, and party-sized packages. They are still available for order online on the euforia confections website, where they have been available since January of this year.

Currently, the company has been offering bloggers all over the country the opportunity to taste and review euforia cake. The reviews have been positive and far-reaching. A review on the popular and prestigious site,, echoed these sentiments:

"I've never managed get away with eating less than three packs of these buttery creations in one sitting, " writes Hawaii-based food reviewer Kathy L. Chan.

About euforia™:
euforia™ is produced by Kartika's Kitchen in Tucson, Arizona. Kartika's Kitchen is an artisanal baking company dedicated to spreading a thousand delights to its customers through its euforia™ brand of thousand-layer spice cakes. Our cakes come in a variety of flavors and can be ordered *gluten-free. More information is available at

Contact Information:
Tia Peterson
Nosh Marketing
Tucson AZ, 85719
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